The Holy Land Experience

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Development: Biblically based “theme” park/museum
Locations: City of Orlando
Owner: Trinity Broadcasting Network

The Holy Land ExperienceBurkett Engineering, Inc. provided civil engineering services to Itec Entertainment, on behalf of Zion’s Hope, for the development of The Holy Land Experience.  The design included modifications to the existing stormwater management system, drainage improvements, paving, site geometry, and utility modifications.  The construction documents, sitework construction plans, and calculations were permitted through the City of Orlando and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD).  Burkett Engineering, Inc. also provided civil consulting services for construction of the Scriptorium for Itec Entertainment, on behalf of Sola Scriptora.

The Holy Land ExperienceIn 2007 The Holy Land Experience, the Scriptorium, and 10+ acres of undeveloped land was purchased by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).  Burkett Engineering has provided services for TBN that included master plan revisions, preparation and processing for approval through the City of Orlando, stormwater management system modifications, and various site-related improvements associated with revisions and additions to the ministry’s existing Biblically-themed facilities.

Burkett Engineering submitted plans and calculations to the SFWMD for modification of the existing SFWMD ERP for this project.

Recent improvements included building expansions, paving, curbing, sidewalk, and handicap ramps.