Escot Bus Lines

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Development: Industrial
Locations: Orange County
Owner: Escot Bus Lines, Inc.

Escot Bus Lines FacilityBurkett Engineering, Inc. provided civil engineering services to Escot Bus Lines for facility improvements.  Sitework construction plans were prepared per Orange County Land Development Code and included the addition of buildings, modifications to the existing swale and stormwater management system, water distribution improvements, and new wastewater collection facilities to support the project improvements.

The project included a new bus maintenance building with a bus wash and fueling station.  Utility design services consisted of a domestic water line to tie-in to the OUC system, and gravity sewer lines with an on-site lift station to tie-in to the Orange County system.

Escot Bus Lines FacilityThe existing on-site swales were evaluated and re-designed to provide proper drainage and storage for the proposed improvements.